I live in Maine, on the perilous and slippery edge of the Atlantic.

Not that long ago I moved like a fugitive on buses and BART trains in the Bay Area. I was hoping to shake off some fears and delusions and maybe learn to surf or play guitar. I studied theology, for God’s sake. I lived in Yehudi Menuhin’s childhood home in San Francisco, just down the hill from Alamo Square towards the Fillmore. I moved across the bay to Berkeley, close to the Oakland line.

I eventually moved back to Portland, Maine, my birthplace on the edge of the Atlantic where I endure the winters and fret about the short summers enough not to enjoy them. I’ll always be homesick for California and the Oakland/Berkeley line.

I hold Master’s Degrees in English from the poetry workshop at the University of New Hampshire and in Theology from the Franciscan School of Theology. Naturally, I endured a long career in healthcare.